About RECON Learn

RECON learn in a nutshell

RECON learn is a platform created by the R Epidemics Consortium (RECON) to centralise and share free open training material relating to the analysis of disease outbreaks, health emergencies and humanitarian crises. While most contributors are members of RECON, this is not a requirement: contributions from anyone are welcome. We recommend that the authors of new document retain the copyright of their work, and choose a license ensuring that their work can be freely shared, redistributed, and modified by others, such as the creative common licenses CC0 or CC-BY.

How to contribute?

If you read this, you are most likely a potential contributor. Check this guide to see how to make a contribution. Note that contributions will usually make you eligible to becoming a RECON member.


While we do our best to ensure that the material shared on this repository follows the highest standards of scientific and coding quality, this material comes with absolutely no warranty. RECON cannot be held responsible for the use of the content distributed.