VBD: building a simple model for Zika

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This practical aims to illustrate the basics of vector borne disease (VBD) modelling using R, with an emphasis on how the methods work. We will use a basic model for an arboviral infection as an example. In this practical we will begin by gaining some understanding of the components which contribute to $R_0$ and how potential interventions influence transmission. Later in the practical you will construct a model of Zika transmission to look at the effects of several parameters. ...

VBD: Construyendo un modelo simple para Zika

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El objetivo de esta práctica es presentar los conceptos básicos del modelado de Enfermedades Transmitidas por Vectores o VBD (por sus siglas en inglés Vector Borne Disease) mediante el uso del programa R, con énfasis en el funcionamiento de los métodos; utilizando como ejemplo un modelo básico de infección por arbovirus. En esta práctica, se comenzará por comprender los componentes que contribuyen a $R_0$ y cómo las posibles intervenciones influyen en la transmisión. ...

Basic Concepts on Vector Borne Disease Modelling

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This lecture is about Vector Borne Diseases (VBD) modelling. The aim is to gain a general understanding on the role of modelling on the main vector borne diseases, with special enphasis on Malaria, Chagas and Zika. Slides Click on the image below to access the slides: About this document Contributors Zulma Cucunuba & Pierre Nouvellet: initial version Contributions are welcome via pull requests. Legal stuff License: CC-BY Copyright: Zulma Cucunuba & Pierre Nouvellet, 2017

Ebola: building few models for Ebola

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This practical aims to illustrate the basics of Ebola modelling using R, with an emphasis on how the method works. We will start with a basic model for Ebola. We will then illustrate how to account for an evolving context, e.g. implementation of control measures. Finally, we will explore basic principle of model fitting. Core Concepts From the previous lecture, we will further develop these concepts: Compartmental models Flow diagrams and writing down a model Natural history of Ebola Control strategies Introduction to model fitting Required packages install. ...